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Lighting Service

NJ lighting electrical installation, wiring and repairs in Monmouth & Ocean County
If you are looking to enhance your home with decorative lights, or have light switches that just don’t seem to work, MM Electric can help. We understand the importance that lighting can have on the quality of life within a home. The right lighting not only makes your place look nice but can leave you feeling happier and more productive. The lighting system is after all one of the most important features in any property both in terms of practical use and style.

MM Electric LLC can repair or update any place’s lighting structures. We also install a variety of light fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use. There are plenty of ways to use lighting to improve your home!

Thinking of adding in some new lights? Listed below are the most common light fixture services.

Indoor Lighting
Chandeliers: Chandeliers are a classic light fixture that has stood the test of time. They can add style, prestige, and class to any home, and can turning a dining room into an experience your guests won’t forget. Chandeliers can be a bit tricky to install. It is important that they are hung from the ceiling at a certain length, and some can be quite heavy. Why deal with the hassle yourself? Let MM Electric do all the measurements and installations for you!

Pendant: Pendant lights are a type of ceiling hanging light that can be hung in any in any room. They are very commonly found in the kitchen above the island, or the kitchen table area. These fixtures come in a variety of styles; ranging from simple one light models, to more elaborate multi light designs. Like chandeliers they must be hung from a certain length to ensure both functionality and style.

Recessed: Recessed lighting is a type of fixture that is embedded into a ceiling or wall.This type of lighting is sometimes called can lighting. They are a great choice for lighting because they do not take up any space, and work well with any style of décor. They also work very well in rooms with low ceilings.

Under-Cabinet: This is a type of lighting, sometimes called under-counter lights, that are a type of lighting fixture installed under kitchen drawers, cupboards, above the stove, or in any low area that needs illumination. Under-cabinet lights are both functional and stylish. They aid in food preparation and add a layered effect of lighting that will enhance the room’s overall style.

Accent: Accent lights are smaller light fixtures used to light certain areas of your home. It is a great choice if you are looking to supplement a room’s lighting without over-saturating it with too much light. They are able to give you good control over the amount of lighting and exactly where that lighting is placed.

Track: Track lighting is type of lighting fixture with a row of lights that can be hung on ceilings or walls. Like accent lighting, they are able to give you a great control over what areas are lit, and are able to add lighting to a room without overpowering it. Because they are designed to be a continuous sequence of lights, they can also be a great choice to light a large rooms well.

Outdoor Lighting
Landscape: Landscape lights are any type of light fixture made to illuminate an outdoor area like a backyard or front lawn. They can be used for a purely functional reason, like providing security or lighting pathways and entryways, or used for as a decorative piece for an outdoor area. They are often equipped with automatic timers so that they automatically turn on at night.

Pool: Whether it be inside the pool itself, or used to light the pool area, pool lighting is one of the most complicated types of outdoor lighting fixtures to install. Because this type of lighting is installed near or in water, special precautions must be taken to ensure safety and minimize the risk of electrocution. Always consult with a licensed electrician before installing new pool lights or repairing existing ones.

Spotlights: Outdoor spotlights are a great security feature for any home or business. They are bright lighting fixture that is designed to clearly illuminate what they are pointing at. They are often equipped with timers and set up to light up important areas like doorways. A simple spotlight can help keep you and your family safe.

Floodlights: Like spotlights, flood lights are a bright type of light made to light up an outdoor area. However, while spotlights are made to light a smaller area, floodlights are made to light a larger area. These lights are often made with heavy duty materials and are durable and long lasting.

Fixing & Repairing Your Indoor or Outdoor Lights
Flickering, or frequently burned out lights are very common lighting issues experienced by homes and business. This issue can be caused by a number of reasons. There could be faulty wiring, or a disconnect somewhere in the circuit. There could also be issues with the lighting fixture itself. The best way to know for sure is to contact MM Electric LLC so that we can take a look and solve the issue the right way!

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MM Electric LLC has been installing new light fixtures and repairing both residential and business lighting systems as well as other electrical services in New Jersey for over ten years. We have the experience and know-how to tackle any lighting project. Contact us 24/7 to find out more about our lighting services!