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Keeping that grass green and hedges trimmed isn’t the only way to enhance the beauty and style of your yard. Whether it’s a residential home or commercial business property, there are various types of landscape lighting that can fit into any yard. From spotlights for security, to pathway lighting, there are plenty of ways to make your front yard pop. Listed below are 10 landscape ideas that will help make your front or back yard the envy of New Jersey!

Landscape Lighting Installations

  1. Walkway/Pathway Lighting: Strategically placed lights on the pathways and walkways, leading to your home serve 2 functions: they help you safely navigate to your place in the evening and night, and they enhance the overall look your places architecture and style. Path way lighting can be accomplished with a series of light units placed in the ground, or with outdoor track style lighting and much more creative ways!
  2. Landscape Accent Lighting: Adding accent lighting to a landscape is a creative way to add lighting to an area without overwhelming it or making it too bright. Smaller accent lights can be placed in key areas of your landscape to highlight outdoor installations like waterfalls, trees, and gardens.
  3. Entrance & Doorway Lighting: Let entrance lighting help you make a good first impression!Entrance lighting is both practical and stylish. You don’t have to stick with the typical lantern style entry lights commonly installed in homes. There are variety of entryway lighting fixtures, like recessed lighting, that can be used to light up that entryway. Different colors, shades, and installations of entry lights can be used to enhance the look and feel of your home’s entryway. Lights can also be set up to enhance the color of your home’s door and door frames for a cool visual effect.
  4. Spotlights: Placing spotlights on your landscape is great security feature to add to your front or back yard. These bright light fixtures can be aimed to clearly, and vividly, shine a light onto key areas of a landscape during the night and evening hours.
  5. Floodlights: Flood lights are a security oriented lighting fixture like spot lights, but they serve a different function. Instead of focusing on highlighting a specific area, flood lights are meant to clearly light and cover a large area. Flood lights are equipped with special bulbs that have a wide range of illumination. In other words, flood lights can help light even the biggest front and back yards.
  6. Security Lighting & Motion Detection Lights). If you are installing an outdoor security system to your front and back yard, like cameras and alarms, don’t forget to add security lighting to help increase the overall security that these features provide. Even by themselves, landscape lights are a great deterrent to potential thief or trespassers. There are also motion detection lights that can be installed by a licensed electrician. These lights, like motion detection cameras, are designed to turn on only when they detect motion in key areas. They can be equipped with advanced detection programming that can actually follow the source of movement. Ask your friendly New Jersey lighting professionals from MM Electric for more info on installing motion deduction and security lighting!
  7. String Lighting: string lights aren’t just for the holidays anymore! String lights are great because of their versatility. They are light weights can be hung from trees and customized to be as long or as short as you want; They come in a variety of different materials, colors, and styles. They are great addition to any landscape lighting design!
  8. Pool Lighting: There’s nothing quite like going for a night swim in your pool during a New Jersey summer! Make sure you are able to see where you are going with pool landscape lighting. These lights will illuminate your pool for a great visual effect. With a good pool light set-up you can keep swimming even after the sun goes down!
  9. Moon Lights & Down lighting: Moon lights are a stylish and aesthetically pleasing light fixture that are designed to mimic the glow of the moon. They can be placed high on trees, and create a warm backlit glow that creates a romantic and comfortable atmosphere. These are specialized lights specifically designed to create the effect. They can be lit with LED or traditional incandescent bulbs. This lighting technique is also referred to as down lighting.
  10. Hardscape Lights: Similar to how under cabinet/ under drawer and recessed lights work for the interior of the home, hardscape lights are meant to be placed under or in landscape installations. For example, they can be placed under stairways, or in the wall of a grilling area. These light fixtures are often flat and encased in metal casing for durability. They can be similar to track lighting and have a sequence of lights in a row, or have a single light source. They are a great way to add textured lighting to your landscape’s décor.

Landscape Lighting Repairs: Are your landscape lights not turning on when they are supposed to? Are the light bulbs in your entry ways frequently burning out, or always flickering? Let MM Electric repair your landscape lights and trouble shoot any issues you may have with patio lights, doorways lights, spotlights, and any landscape lighting fixture you may have on your property.

Landscape Lighting Upgrades: Find ways to enhance your front or back yard, by upgrading weathered and damaged landscape light fixtures. Whether you want to enhance what you already have, or want to renovate and upgrade all your landscape lights, MM Electric LLC can help!

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