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Interior Electrical Services

NJ electricians providing indoor electrical services in Monmouth & Ocean Counties
The interior of any property, whether home or business, will make up the bulk of electrical use. The indoor/interior electrical system needs to be able to support all the modern appliances, technologies, and needs to be able to do so both safely and effectively. It is this area of the electrical system that people will interact with the most.

MM Electric has certified and licensed professional electrical contractors who can help with all areas of the indoor/interior electrical system. Whether it is a major project like complete rewiring or adding new lighting fixtures and outlets MM Electric, based in Wall Township New Jersey can help. Our friendly staff has been helping central New Jersey with all their indoor electrical system needs for over 10 years. We are committed to quality and customer service!

Electrical repair, upgrades, and installations for all areas of any home or business!
Interior Areas
Dining rooms: Dining rooms are all about ambiance and atmosphere, and there no better way to achieve the right feel than by having the right lighting. MM Electric can install new features like chandeliers, and add dimmer switches to make your dining room an experience your guests won’t forget.

Living rooms: Whether it’s watching your favorite show, or just reading on your couch, in many homes, the living room is where people spend the most time hanging out. It is also the spot where your entertainment system is most likely to be. Make sure you have all the outlets, and right wiring you need. If you have any questions about setting up or installing a new entertainment system, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Kitchens: A modern kitchen is full of all sorts of gadgets. From blenders, food processors, toasters, bread makers and more, there are plenty of things that slice, dice, and sizzle found in an average kitchen. When you consider that you will also have large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, your kitchen is easily one the areas that will consume the most electricity. MM Electric can help with all your kitchen electrical system needs. We can help you install new appliances, or help upgrade your kitchen with cool features like under-cabinet lights and more.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms actually use more electricity than you might think. For a bathroom’s electrical system special considerations need to be placed on outlets because of their proximity to sources of water. Specifically bathrooms should have GFCI outlets installed. GFCIs are designed to protect you and your family from shock and electrocution. They can also be the cause of tripped circuits and need to be tested and maintained. If you need new GFCI installed or want to update your bathroom with new lighting, and features, your friendly and New Jersey located certified interior electricians at MM Electric can help!

Bed Rooms: Want to find ways to enhance your bedroom and make it more comfortable? One of the easy was to do this is to upgrade your bedroom’s lighting. Adding the right lighting can improve your whole room’s décor and help make your personal space feel even more cozy and comfortable. You can also add features like automatic timers and dimmer switches for even more functionality.

Basements and Attics: When was the last time you have checked out the outlets, switches, and appliances in your attic or basement? It can be easy to forget about the electrical components of basements and attics. The electrical system located inside these areas of your home are important, however, because they often contain important parts like your home’s heating system.

Office Areas: Modern homes and offices are filled with computers, printers, internet routers, and other pieces of vital technology. So it is obvious to see how important the electrical system is to any home or business office. In addition to your office’s existing outlets, USB ports and other modern features can be added to your office electrical system.

Other Indoor/Interior Electrical Services
Increasing energy efficiency
Have a high energy bill? While it is normal for energy bills to fluctuate, and be higher in the summer, there are ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A certified interior electrician will help identify issues inside your home that can cause unusually high electrical bills. Before you start trying to look inside your home’s walls yourself, call a licensed interior electrician to help find any areas of improvement for your interior electrical system.

Indoor electrical safety
Your indoor/interior electrical system is the area of your property that your family and guests will interact with. Make sure everything is safe by having regular maintenance and electrical inspections done. Also make sure that all fire detection systems are up to date and functional. If your interior light switches and outlets are feeling hot to the touch, then there could be a problem. If your home has any exposed wiring, or areas where circuits can be accessed this can pose a serious safety risk and fire hazard. Don’t put off fixing those interior electrical issues for too long. If you are concerned about your interior electrical system’s safety in the central New Jersey area, contact MM Electric to find ways to reduce the risk of fire and improve overall safety and efficiency.

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MM Electric is a BBB A + accredited business fully committed to providing high quality electrical services at an affordable price. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We service the central New Jersey area, and all of Ocean and Monmouth County. We are fully licensed and insured and love to help our New Jersey neighbors with all their indoor/interior electrical needs!