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Monmouth County Industrial Electrician Services

  • Industrial Electrical Repair: Repairing manufacturing and factory grade equipment is more complex than what is found in the typical New Jersey residential home. Attempting to repair a piece of electrical equipment without proper licensing and training is not only dangerous, but it can also void the equipment’s warranty or cause issues with the industrial site’s insurance policies. However, there is no need to take chances or put off repairing those vital parts of your warehouse, factory, or other industrial site. Our NJ industrial electricians are your locally owned source for all your industrial electrical services.
  • Industrial Electrical installations: Installing electrical equipment needs to be done right, both in order to ensure safety and to make sure the piece of electrical equipment works right in the first place. In some cases, a site’s electrical system will need to be carefully examined to make sure it can handle the power demands a new installation will place on the electrical system. Make sure that industrial electrical installations are done correctly the first time to avoid costly repairs and delays.
  • Industrial Wiring/Rewiring: Industrial wiring systems will experience a great deal more wear and tear than those found in the typical home or business. They may also have more areas on the property where wires can become potentially exposed. MM Electric’s industrial electrical contractors can handle all levels of industrial electrical wiring services. We can do repairs on existing wiring systems or do complete rewiring. If you have any questions on what type of wiring your industrial electrical system uses, MM Electric will make sure the right wiring is in place, and we can help if there is something hindering your electrical wiring system’s performance.
  • Industrial Electrical Inspections: Just like a business, all types of industrial site, including warehouses, factories and construction centers,need consistent and up to date electrical inspections in order to make sure there is complete compliance with all electrical system codes. MM Electric follows all NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines, procedures and regulations and we are proud to say we are officially recognized by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for ensuring that your industrial site is up to code and safe for all its occupants.
  • Industrial Electrical Generators: For industrial sites, an electrical power generator is not just a luxury or a convenience, it is absolutely necessary and vital to have a functioning standby electrical generator. You simply cannot afford the loss of time and money that happens when production has to stop because of power failures. Industrial power generators are also in much different class than the typical residential or portable generator used in the consumer marketplace. These are powerful pieces of equipment specially designed for extremely high electrical output and durable enough to run for extended periods of time if necessary. If your industrial site needs a new power generator installed, or repairs on one that is already on the property MM Electric can help.
  • Industrial Electrical Service Panels and Subpanels: Industrial sites will often have multiple electrical subpanels in addition to their main service panel (aka circuit box). MM Electric will help fix all service panel and subpanel issues. We can also install entirely new electrical subpanels or update your main electrical service panel, to help increase the productivity and functionality of your industrial site.
  • Industrial lighting: A good industrial lighting system will keep help to ensure proper visibility and safety when working in an industrial setting. MM Electric will help you pick the right lighting fixtures and help get them installed quickly and affordably. There are plenty of options and if you need more lighting, or lighting repairs MM Electric is happy to help!

NJ Electrical Contractors servicing Monmouth & Ocean County

Industrial electrical systems require more specialized industrial electrician services due to the high powered equipment and high energy demands found on the typical industrial site, warehouse, and industrial plants or manufacturing center.  There is also extra attention that needs to be placed to safety and fire hazard issues. Industrial sites, like factories and production plants, need to be up to date with all electrical and fire safety codes not only to keep their New Jersey operational city permits, but also to comply with the necessary OSHA regulations for employee safety.

Here at MM Electric LLC, we are fully licensed (Lic # 15950) and insured. In additional, we are officially recognized by the National Fire Safety Protection Association. We comply with all NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines. We have 10 years of experience and have maintained a Better Business Bureau A+ accreditation. Our friendly and professional staff of industrial electricians and contractors are committed to quality service tailored to meet your industrial site’s exact electrical needs. We offer a variety of electrical repairs and maintenance for industrial properties.  We also offer professional and licensed electrical inspections for industrial sites and properties.  Need a new generator or an electrical appliance or equipment installed? MM Electric LLC offers electrical installation services for our industrial neighbors in the central New Jersey area.

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Don’t let your industrial site’s electrical system slow you down. Keeping an industrial electrical system up to date helps to increase productivity by keeping all electrical tools, equipment, and appliances running. Keep your employees safe, and reduce fire and safety hazards by having a professional electrical safety inspection by a National Fire Protection Association officially recognized electrical contractor.  Let MM Electric LLC electrician services solve all your industrial site‘s electrical system and insure it is working properly so you can focus on doing your job!