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Installation, repair & maintenance for the Monmouth & Ocean County NJ area
MM Electric provides generator repair, installation and maintenance services. Standby generators are great additions to any home or business. They will keep a property’s lights on during periods of emergency, inclement weather, or wide spread power blackouts. Standby generators do need to be installed and services by licensed professionals. There are different types of generator’s out there, each one suited for different needs. In order to choose the right generator a home or business owner should be aware of their homes power needs.

Call Our Electricians For Your Generator Installation Or Repair
MM Electric can take care of every step of the process. We will determine your power needs based on the specifics of your home or business to make the best generator selection. Our technicians are trained to safely and correctly install just about any size of generator. We also offer repair and maintenance services for generators we install, or for generators already on the property.

Let’s take a look at some information about power generators.

What is a generator?
An electrical generator is a machine that is able to generate its own electric power. They are able to do this by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. In other words, they create electricity without needing an external source of power (like being plugged into a wall) through a fuel powered engine. There are many different sizes, types, and brands of generators for both commercial and residential use on the market today.

Why are they used for?
An electric generator continues to create electricity even if there’s a widespread power outage. That means the lights can stay on even during bad weather. It is for this reason places like hospitals will have a solid back up system of generators. Homes that live in areas that are known to frequently get severe weather, like homes near the coast, should have backup power generators installed. There are also small and portable power generators that can provide electricity outdoors and in areas far away from the regular power grid.

Can a generator be installed in a residential home?
Yes. In fact, many families choose to install generators for their homes. Sometimes even a minor storm can knock power out. The utility companies can take a few days in some cases to get power back. Having a generator provides peace of mind that electricity will still flow no matter what. This is especially important in homes with children or the elderly. There are plenty of generators designed specifically for home use. They can be used for any size home, from small condos to mansions and anywhere in between.

Can a generator be used for businesses?
Yes. A generator is a smart business move. If you work in an office you know the importance of being able to stay connected to clients and coworkers. Businesses can stay operational when the power is down for any reason. Any business owner knows that time is money, so time lost waiting for electricity to come back on is money lost as well.

Are power generators safe?
Power generators have come a long way in terms of safety. However, any piece of electrical equipment or anything that contains an electric current can be dangerous if used incorrectly. A home or business owner needs to be aware of the power limits and conditions of the generator. New Jersey residents thinking of installing a power generator should contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

Types of generators:
Portable Generators:
As their name implies, this is a generator that is designed to be portable. These are generators are small enough to be transported. Some will be equipped with wheels and compact options for storage. They have a smaller wattage output, and are designed to be used for shorter amounts of time. They are great to take on camping trips. These generators can cost as low as a few hundred dollars and can be found in most home improvement and hardware stores.

Standby Generators: These generators are much bigger and more powerful than portable generators. Standby generators are made to be permanently installed. They are set up outside the property, in much the same way that an A/C unit is. Also, much like A/C units, they must be installed onto a foundation often made of concrete. These generators are designed to automatically turn on in the event of power failure. They are durable and tightly enclosed, so that they have no exposed parts. Standby generators typically start at around $2,000 or can go as high $20,000. They are designed to be able to generate large amounts of power and can reliably stay on for longer periods of time. Property owners should be aware that these are extremely powerful pieces of equipment. As such, they should only be installed by licensed electrical professionals. Any repairs should only be attempted by an experienced professional.

Generators can be powered by different resources: Gasoline powered generators are perhaps the most commonly used type of generator. Most portable generators are gas powered. Gas powered generators are the most affordable type of generators. Diesel powered generators are also common and affordable (though they will typically cost more than Gasoline powered ones). Generators using diesel powered engines are known for their reliability when being operated for long periods of time. There are also propane and natural gas powered generators. These types are more expensive to both install and maintain. They will also require gas lines to be set up.

Have Power Generator Electrical Installation Or Repair Questions? 
If you have any electrical service questions about installing a new generator, or about one you already have, give MM Electric a call at 732-749-3596. We service the central New Jersey area including all of Monmouth and Ocean County. We will be happy to provide you with more information, or set up an appointment to have a licensed electrician help you with all your power generator needs!