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Why you should consider getting electrical inspection

Have you ever had an electrical inspection done for you New Jersey located home or business?

Electrical inspections can benefit you in quite a number of ways. For example, if you’re a business an electrical inspection can ensure you are fully up to code and can pass all safety codes, and can also help you avoid the costly fines that come with failing a safety inspection performed by the city of New Jersey.

An electrical inspection can also find issues before they get worse and cause further damage to your home or business. Why wait to have a power failure, or risk major damage to your appliances and electrical components? An electrical inspection is a great way to avoid costly repairs and property damage.

Another reason to get an electrical inspection is to potentially save money on your home owner’s insurance.
Many firms will offer some sort of discount for property owners who take preemptive maintenance steps and make improvements on their property. The inspection has to be done by a qualified professional in order for the insurance company to provide the discount. In the case of electrical inspection, this means that the inspection must be performed by a fully licensed electrician or electrical contractor. For more detailed information on the possible insurance benefits that an electrical inspection may offer, simply contact your home owner’s insurance for their terms and conditions.

What does an electrical inspection involve?
The electric inspection can vary depending on various factors such as the type of property (residential, commercial or industrial), the history of the property (for example if the place has been known to have electrical issues in the past) and the age of the property (older homes and business properties can have unique issues). However, the basic inspection will involve some key things.

In an electrical inspection the electrical wiring is always checked, your property’s electrical wiring is the foundation of your home or businesses entire electrical system. The electrician who is performing the inception will look for damaged wiring, such as wiring that has poor insulation or loose connections. In the case of old wiring they will check for outdated and potentially dangerous types of wiring known as Knob and Tube wiring, and aluminum wiring.

They will also take a close look at your circuit box (aka power panel). The power panel is the brain of your home or business’s electrical system. It is also important, because circuit breakers are meant to protect your property from dangerous power surges. In some cases however, the circuit breaker may fail to switch, or the entire panel may be having issues supplying the property with enough power. In the case of older homes, your electrician will look outdated models of power panels. There are certain brands or power panels (aka circuit boxes) that were discontinued and recalled due to safety and performance issues. There is also a type of panel called a fuse box. Fuse boxes use a series of fuses that burn out when there are power surges.

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