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What to do with an outlet that just doesn’t work?

A broken outlet is a common problem among households and businesses alike, and with so much of our modern life dependent on various gadgets and appliances, it’s a small issue that can cause a big headache!

So what exactly should you do when you have a broken electrical outlet?
For starters let’s try and understand what can cause an outlet to go bad in the first place. There can actually be multiple reasons for a broken outlet, everything from bad wiring, broken connections, and tripped fuses can cause an otherwise healthy power outlet to go bad and stop working. Finding out the cause of the broken outlet will determine how you move forward with your repair, or in some cases, whether or not you should just replace the entire outlet.

A tripped circuit breaker is a common cause of a malfunctioning power outlet. So why does this happen?
Well shutting off electricity is actually a main part of the circuit breaker’s job. You see, when the circuit breaker senses a power overload in the system, it “trips” or, in other words, flips its switch to the off position effectively cutting off power so that it can stop the overload before it causes further damage, or worse, an electrical fire. If you find that a particular room has multiple unpowered electrical outlets, or perhaps in a certain section of the house all the light switches won’t work, then a tripped circuit breaker is the likely culprit. In this case, there is likely not an issue with the outlet. In order to get the outlets and light switches working in the room again, you would need to find the fuse box and the corresponding circuit that feeds power into the room.

If the wire cannot make the proper connection then electricity cannot flow and reach its destination. In this case, you will need to remove the face-plate of the outlets in order to see the wires underneath. Here you will see a bundle of wires all intertwined and connecting into a plastic wire connection. This bundle of wires should be securely attached to this connection point. If they feel loose, or like they aren’t sufficiently “stuck” together, then this could very well be the reason for this broken outlet.

If you really are not sure what the issue with the broken outlet is, contact your local New Jersey electricians at MM Electric. We service the central New Jersey area, and are based in Ocean and Monmouth County. We can help determine the cause of broken outlet and make the right repair. So whether there needs to be a complete rewiring or just a simple power outlet replacement MM Electric is here to help. Conveniently located right in your neighborhood we love to help their New Jersey neighbors!

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