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What is Pool Bonding?

Thinking More into Pool Safety

Pool safety is more than installing a fence of the perimeter or making sure no one is running around the edges; a pools electrical system is a critical component to pool safety. Electricity in a pool system can include pool lighting, a pool heater, and pool pumps. For the pool to be running safely and correctly, there is the electrical side that needs to be separated from the people in the pool to avoid any shock hazards. The pool water, metal components, and a body are can all be conductors that need to be protected from electricity.

So, what is pool bonding? In simpler term

Pool bonding is the process of joining metallic pool elements to create a conductive path, commonly with bare copper wire. This bonding creates a flow to control currents. Without proper pool bonding, simply touching a pool ladder or nearby metallic structures can result in a dangerous shock.

Next time you are opening your pool and checking off safety procedures, make sure “pool bonding” is checked off!

You can contact MM Electric, LLC for more information on the standards of pool bonding and how to update your system if needed. We provide pool bonding services in Monmouth County.