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The Importance of a Working Smoke Detector

Even with the most careful households and families, despite our best efforts, fires do occur. The best way to alert the right people of fire is with smoke detectors.

Hard wired smoke detectors or CO2/Smoke combination units that alert you to smoke and fire as well as hazardous carbon monoxide gas that cannot be seen are reasonably priced but often need to be replaced after approximately 7 years.

You should regularly test your detectors to ensure proper use. Studies have shown that having a smoke alarm installed in every room of a house reduces the risk to life from fire hazards by a whopping 50%. This staggering statistic means that for almost as little as $75 per room, one can double their home fire security. When such safety measures are available at such affordable rates, they should be taken advantage of. Installing more than one smoke detector will ensure that any dangerous fire is detected as soon as it starts and immediately alerts the nearest fire department about its occurrence and can help save lives.

Proper maintenance of the smoke detectors is a must. A smoke detector that does not work poses more of a hazard than not having one at all since it gives a sense of false security.

Fires are most commonly caused by smoking cigarettes or cigars or burning candles and leaving them unattended or improperly extinguished. Smoldering material or furniture can be a major accelerant to flames. Some electrical fires can occur during power surges and must be dealt with immediately since they can be very dangerous. Whatever the reason, when a fire occurs there is always a large amount of smoke generated, thus detecting the smoke is the best method to find and help in containing the danger to home security.

You should make sure your hard wired detectors are operational at least once per month. If they are over 7 years old, consider replacing them or getting on a plan for replacement.

At MM Electric, we replace smoke or CO2/smoke detectors all the time. It is something that you should consider if your detectors have been around for a while. If you are interested in scheduling a free estimate, please call our office at 732-749-3596.