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Monmouth County Electrical Panel Maintenance

Your electrical panel is the brain of the electrical operations in your home, and contains various circuit breakers and other components that control the flow of electricity to appliances and lights all over your house. As time goes on, especially in panels that were installed in older homes, components become corroded, connections become loose, and dust and debris builds up inside that can cause inconveniences ranking from power outages and tripped circuit breakers to major hazards such as fire. Don’t forget to regularly maintain it and keep your home safe and free of preventable outages.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Maintenance

An electrical panel left unattended will start to show telltale signs that you need it maintained, repaired, or replaced. Here’s a few signs you probably need to pay closer attention to your panel:

  • The circuit breaker trips frequently
  • There are hot or warm areas on the panel
  • There is rust or mold growing around the unit
  • The panel is dusty on the inside

In addition to the simple maintenance that you can do yourself, you should have a certified and insured electrician come in every three years or so to perform a thorough electrical panel inspection and thermal check, which will detect high temperatures that could indicate a more serious problem.

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