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Learn How MM Electric Can Solve Electrical Problems In Old and Renovated Homes

Older homes have a certain charm to them. They are often passed down from generation to generation and contain rooms filled with family memories and treasured moments. They also feature unique architecture, which often can’t be found in the cookie cutter homes. All in all, having an old or antique home can brighten your life and keep things interesting! But as great as antique homes can be, they can also come with a series of problems due to their old age and weathered construction. Chief among these issues are issues with the electrical system.

20th Century Electrical Upgrades For 19th Century Homes
Many older homes, were simply not designed to handle the power demands of today’s connected world. Often times they simply do not have the electrical power supply needed to fully provide adequate electricity to all the appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other technologies that power our modern lives. Sometimes in older homes, having the TV on in one room will mean that the lights will flicker, or not work at all in another room. Or it could be the case that the home simply does not have enough outlets installed. Keep in mind, times were a lot simpler back then and they couldn’t have imagined all the gadgets and high tech devices we live with every day today!

Dangers of Knob & Tube Wiring
knob and tube wiring electrician monmouth & ocean county njAnother issue that may be present in older and antique homes is an outdated electrical wiring format known as knob and tube wiring. This type of wiring uses different components than today’s copper wiring structures. Knob and tube wiring has parts made of aluminum and porcelain. Knob and tube wiring is not only inefficient, it is dangerous. The reason this type of wiring was discontinued was because it was found to be a major cause of fires in homes and businesses. Knob and tube wiring is considered so dangerous, that insurance companies can deny coverage based on this alone. In terms of safety older homes may lack other key safety features that are now standard in modern home construction such as GFCI and ACFI outlets.

What Can You Do To Upgrade Your Antique Homes Electrical System?
However, you don’t have to give up your old home! Luckily, your electrical system can be upgraded. Depending on the specific property, it may need complete rewiring or installation of new features, or even the installation of a new electrical panel, or the addition of an electrical sub panel in order to better power the home.

The best way to determine how to fix or upgrade your older home’s electrical system is to contact your locally licensed electricians at MM Electric. They will do a careful electrical inspection to locate problem areas and to professionally diagnose any and all electrical issues, they will then come up with a custom solution for your specific property.

Contact Our Licensed Electrical Contractors of Monmouth & Ocean County
MM Electric LLC services central New Jersey and the counties of Ocean and Monmouth. They have a wide range of expertise, including remodeling and upgrading entire electrical systems for homes and business all across the Central New Jersey area. If you are unsure about the condition of your older home’s electrical system they also are licensed to perform safety inspections.

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