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In a heat wave, it seems like the air conditioning isn’t even working!

The power companies dial back the power a bit. They have to!

The flow of electricity through wires is similar to the flow of water through pipes. Voltage is like water pressure, amps are like rate of flow and wattage is like the amount of water coming out of the pipe.   The better the pressure (weather it is in the pipes or in the electric sheathing), the more work is being done.

By lowering the voltage, if the amps are the same, the amount of electricity you use is less.

A common voltage reduction is about 5-percent.

You may not even notice but by the power company forcing you to lower your usage, it could prevent a failure or outage. The electricity being carried gets converted to heat. When the wires are overheated, this can cause failures and lower the efficiency.

By lowering voltage, the utility is cooling the wires and can spread out the electricity more efficiently.

The systems in our country date back to the 1960s if not before.

If an electrical feeder (all the cables and transformers and protectors running to a neighborhood) have a heat related fault, other feeders can take over.

Overloading the feeders could cause a blackout.

By lowering the voltage, the power company is minimizing the chance that the feeders will fail and shut down the system.

So, instead of being unhappy when the extreme heat makes us all super CRANKY, be happy that you won’t be losing power!