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Do I Need Whole House Surge Protection?

The short answer: yes, if you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars in damage down the road.

Whole house surge protection is the much safer option for homeowners looking to protect their homes against large power surges that everyday surge protectors wouldn’t be able to handle. In addition to whole house surge protection being a more robust alternative, it protects the electrical system itself, as opposed to just whatever appliance the surge protectors in your home are plugged into.

How Much Does Whole House Surge Protection Cost?

Whole house surge protection is extremely affordable–on average, it will cost around $500 plus labor, it’s a much cheaper option than paying tens of thousands of dollars in damages down the line if you find yourself unprotected against a large power surge.

It’s important to note that whole house surge protection works in conjunction with every day surge protectors that you can buy at your local hardware store. Up to 15% of excess voltage might leak by, which is where the plug-in models come in handy.

It will take a licensed electrician about two hours to install a whole house surge protection system that is rated to stop a minimum of a 40,000-amp surge. While we will always consult with you to help you find the best system you can afford, some nice features on whole house surge protection units are thermal fuses and indicators such as lights or alarms that tell you when a device has detected a surge.

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