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Exterior Electrical Services

Today’s New Jersey homes and businesses will have a variety of outdoor electrical services; from landscape lights, security lights, outdoor outlets, pool systems, and more. Just like the interior electrical system, these parts need to be maintained and repaired by a licensed professional. Outdoor electrical units also need to be installed and set up in a way that they are protected from the outdoor weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and heat.

Outdoor Electrical services also involve servicing key part of a property’s electrical system that are found outdoors. For instance, the electrical service panel is located somewhere attached to an exterior wall. The AC unit is also a very important piece of electrical equipment found on the exterior of a property. MM Electric has been proudly providing residential, commercial, and industrial, outdoor electrical services in the central New Jersey area, and the entire Ocean and Monmouth country area for 10 years. Our friendly and professional licensed exterior electricians and electrical contractors have seen it all!

Areas of outdoor electrical service
Electric Panel: The electrical panel (also known as a Circuit panel, or service panel) is the brain of any property’s electrical system. It is what receives power from the utility company’s power feed and what redistributes that power to make it available to the different rooms and parts of a home or business. It is also important because it prevents dangerous power surges by having circuit breaker that will shut off power to the parts of the property that are having issues. The electrical panel will also have a main switch that is capable of shutting on or off power to the entire property.

AC Unit: A property’s AC unit will be located outdoors, often in the same area of the electric service panel. It will be contained in a large metal box, with a high powered fan, and it sits on its own concrete base. The AC unit is the appliance that will consume the most amount of power, and will be the most responsible for a high electric bill. Also important, is that keeps you cool during those hot New Jersey summers! Ac units run on electricity, and as such may experience electrical problems that need to be addressed and serviced by a licensed and professional exterior electrician.

Junction Boxes: The junction box is a closed case, made out of heavy duty plastic or metal, which contains the main wiring connections that come from the power company’s main power feed and feed into the interior electrical system. Outdoor junction boxes can become damaged by weather conditions. They need to be replaced in the event they are not able to provide adequate protection to these important wiring connections. If a home or business property is expiring flickering or dimming lights, or if lights frequently go out when it’s windy out, the problem may lie with the junction box.

Power generators: Standby power generators are installed outdoors. They are large appliances that need to be installed onto a solid base similar to how an AC unit is installed. There are a variety of types of standby electrical power generators are classified by the type of fuel they use (like gasoline or diesel, for example) the amount of power they are able to generate, and how long they can run before needing to be refueled. Installing a standby power generator is a major project. Before a standby generator is installed onto a property, the existing electrical system needs to be examined and electrical power requirements need to be determined in order to select the electrical power generator that best suits that property.

Outdoor Outlets: It is common for both residential and commercial properties to have quite a few outdoor power outlets. These outlets are convenient and allow people to use and enjoy all their favorite electrical devices outdoors. They also make it possible to listen to music during outdoor bar-b-ques and get-togethers! Outdoor outlets will be covered in order to protect them from weather conditions. They also need to be grounded (GFCI) since they will be potentially exposed to water.

Outdoor Lighting: There are a variety of outdoor light fixtures. They are important for safety and security. They also help to enhance the look and feel of any backyard, front yard or patio. MM Electric can install any outdoor lighting you need, from flood lights, landscape lighting, and much more!

Pools, spa: Pools, spas, and hot tubs, have complex electrical components. While, pool service technicians are well trained in keeping pools clean and looking great, they are not licensed exterior electricians and are trained or experienced in repairing electrical systems. MM Electric is equipped and experienced in servicing the electrical needs of pools, spas and hot tubs and provide quality and affordable electrical services.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems: Bring cool entertainment features, like music, to an outdoor setting with an outdoor entertainment system. Outdoor entertainment systems can be as simple as adding in a few outdoor speakers, or you can install a flat screen TV to watch football while grilling outside. MM Electric can help you pick and install the right outdoor entertainment system for your home!

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