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24 hour NJ emergency electrician services near you in Monmouth & Ocean County
MM Electric LLC provides emergency electrical services available to central New Jersey homes and businesses, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter what the time, day or night, evening or morning, we are only a phone call away!

There are some situations that require immediate attention from a licensed NJ electrician or electrical contractor. Even in newer homes, and with routine maintenance, you can encounter issues that can seemingly pop out of nowhere. Electrical problems are one property issue you definitely don’t want to tackle on your own. Not only is your electrical system the most complicated part of your home, but it can also be the most dangerous area to work on, especially without prior experience or knowledge. Electrical problems such as exposed wiring, or overheating outlets, can quickly lead to serious injury. They can also lead to property damage, and fire. Electrical issues are one of the top causes for residential fires, so extra care must be taken when working on any aspect of your electric system.

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If you are experiencing the following situations please contact us immediately at 732-749-3596

Noises from electrical panel: The electrical panel (AKA breaker box or service panel) controls your entire property’s electrical services. Needless to say, it is an important part of any home or business. If you are hearing loud humming or buzzing noises, or if it looks like the electrical panel is vibrating, there could be a circuit breaker that is failing to switch, faulty wiring, or an electrical overload occurring within the system. DO NOT TOUCH the electrical panel or attempt to open the lid. Protect yourself, your home and your family, and let an insured and licensed emergency electrician take a look at it.

Exposed wiring: If you see exposed wiring in any area of the property keep your distance and do not handle live wires under any circumstances. Exposed wires often have damaged insulation. This increases your chance of getting burnt and shocked. Exposed wiring needs to be fixed with the right tools and methods.

Wires/outlets in or near water: Exposed wiring is even more dangerous when it occurs around water sources. Water conducts electricity, so it increases the risk of electrocution. Outlets near water sources like sinks and bathrooms, need to be equipped with GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter). However, GFCIs need to be tested to make sure they work. If you see exposed wiring near water, or suspect that the outlets near your sink, bathtub, pool, or water faucets are malfunctioning this would be a reason to call an emergency electrician right away for emergency services.

Sudden loss of power: Having your power go out without a generator, isn’t just an annoying inconvenience, it can be an indicator of a serious issue within your electric system. If your lights suddenly go out, and your area is not experiencing inclement weather, or a regional blackout, you can call an emergency electrician right away to get power back into your house. There’s no need to sit in the dark for too long!

Visible sparks: If you see visible sparks from outlets, light switches or around your appliances call your local emergency electrician to take a closer look. Sparks can easily lead to fires can be the sign of an electrical overload that can permanently damage your electrical devices like computers or TVs. Protect yourself and your valuable property by calling a 24/7 electrician right away.

Switches or outlets feel hot: Electrical fire scan start with switches and outlets overheating and catching the surrounding are around them on fire. In these cases, wires, plugs and other components can generate enough power to cause heat, but not trip the circuit breaker. If you feel your switches or outlets hot to the touch or feel unusual heat around the walls that surround them, do not ignore this. Call an 24 hour emergency electrician as soon as you can so that a small problem does not turn into a big one!

Burning smells: If you are smelling unexplained burning smells, chances are they are coming from somewhere in your property’s electrical system. Smells like burnt plastic or burnt popcorn indicate that there are wiring issues. These odors may also come from your electrical appliances.

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Electrical issues can quickly escalate. Whether it is 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon,if you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us at MM Electric LLC by dialing 732 749 3596. We are located in Wall Township, and we provide 24/7 electrical services for the central New Jersey area, including Ocean and Monmouth County.