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Electrical wiring is one of the most important parts of any property’s structure. It is the heart and soul of a home or business’s electrical system, and is what makes electricity available to all areas of the home. It is a complex network or circuits, connections, wire types and safety features. Faulty wiring is often the culprit behind a large number of overall electrical problems. Wiring issues are also a very common origin of electrical fires. For such an integral part of modern life, electrical wiring can be one of the most ignored parts of a home or business. This is because accessing a property’s electrical system is contained within the walls and is often difficult to access. Issues with the wiring system are difficult to troubleshoot.
At MM Electric our electrical contractors are trained to deal with a number of issues related to wiring. From simple fixes, to complete rewiring, and renovation, our experienced staff has seen it all. If you are having issues with your electrical system, there’s a good chance the problem lies with the wiring in some way. Let’s take a look at some common wiring issues you may have in your home or business.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

  • Exposed wires: Whether it’s from a steady flow of customers, or from a growing family it is normal for any home or business to experience wear and tear. Sometimes this wear and tear will lead to sections of wiring from walls or outlets becoming exposed. This is both a safety and practical issue. Exposed wiring is more likely to cause power malfunctions because it is not protected and therefore likely to break or disconnect. It is a safety issue because it can cause shock, electrocution or make an electrical fire more likely. Making sure wires stay where they are supposed to be is one of the first steps in keeping an electrical system running.
  • Junction box issues: Junction boxes are the boxes that contain key wire connections. They are located outside the home can become damaged during storms and high winds. They can also be the reason behind flickering lights. If you are unsure call for a free electrical repair assessment.
  • Damaged wire insulation: Wires need to be insulated to help conduct electricity and protect people from the current and heat generated by these wires. Insulation also helps color code the wiring so that they may be correctly identified and connected. If you are able to see the copper part of your wire instead of the colored plastic insulation material that is supposed to surround the wire, that means that the wire is not able to effectively conduct electricity and poses a safety risk and fire hazard.

Electrical Wiring Upgrades

  • Old wiring: Old homes may have aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. They may also have a knob-and-tube wiring system in place instead of the modern wiring system which is set up to provide more secure and reliable circuits. In these cases often rewiring an entire system may be the best solution. Property owners should always consult with a licensed electrician when purchasing an older home to make sure the electrical system is upgraded and what to do if it is not.
  • Burnt and loose connections: Part of the reliability and effectiveness of an electrical system lies in the connections between the wires. If these connections become loose or broken they make for frustrating experience, as outlets and switches become unreliable, or there are spots in a house that frequently lose power. Frequently tripped, or overheated wires can burn out and will need to be replaced and connections reset.
  • Electrical Rewiring for Renovations/Remodeling: If you are renovating a home or business property, do not forget to update the property’s electrical wiring as well. Older homes can have a number of electrical wiring issues, from old wiring material, to not having enough outlets, light switches, and GFCIs.  Electrical wiring is found within the property’s walls, so many home and business owners will be understandably hesitant to break into the walls to access the wiring. However, a licensed electrician will have the necessary tools and equipment to find electrical wiring and rewire an electrical system in the least invasive way possible.

Electrical Wiring Installations

  • Outdoor wiring: Outdoor wiring poses a particular challenge because of the additional exposure to the elements and water. Wiring systems in pools and hot tubs are often very specialized and need to be installed by a professional.
  • Wiring new additions to property: If you have recently added a new room, a garage or any new addition to your home or business than you will probably want to make sure that the new area has electricity. That means installing new lighting, outlets, switches, and all their related wiring parts. In some cases this may mean installing a new sub panel in order to make electricity available to the new area.
  • Installing outlets and switches: Many homes and business properties will find outlets that just don’t provide power as well as malfunctioning light switches. Some people may find that all the outlets and switches on one wall or section of their property just won’t work, while in another section they work just fine. This can be caused by a number of issues. From plugging in too many things into an outlet, malfunctioning GFCIs, or a tripped circuit breaker. A certified electrician will use tools and testing equipment to figure out where the issue is and wire in new outlet, switches, and wire in new connections.

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