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Electrical Panel

NJ Control Panel & Circuit Box Installation, Repairs & Upgrades
An electric panel, also known as a breaker panel, service board, or circuit panel, is the metal box, located behind or on the side of a home, which divides and directs the main electrical power input into different circuits to distribute electricity throughout the entire property. It also contains the main circuit breakers and the power meter. It is basically the “brain” of an electric system, and will have the power to shut off or on electricity to the entire home.

The main parts of a typical electrical panel are

  • The Power Meter: The power meter, sometimes referred to as the energy meter, or electricity reader, is either located on the electrical panel itself, or somewhere near it. This measures the property’s use of electricity, in a unit of measurement called a kilowatt hour (kWh). This is used by the utility company to determine your electric bill.
  • Main Power Lines: This is the big main wire that will feed into the electrical panel. It will either be on top or on the bottom of the electrical panel. This contains power from the service drop, which is the electrical line that runs from a utility pole.
  • Main Circuit Breaker: The main circuit breaker is the master switch to the electrical panel. In other words, it is the switch that shuts on or off power to the entire panel, which will shut off power to the entire property. This will be the biggest switch on the electrical panel, and will often be in the form of two switches fused together. It typically located on the upper part of the panel and the smaller circuit breaker switched will be located underneath it.
  • Circuit Breakers: The individual circuit breakers control the electricity to specific parts of the property. For example, one circuit breaker may control the electricity to the bathroom, and one may control the outlets and lights in the living room. They are designed to “trip” which means they switch off in the event there’s an electricity overload that could lead to overheating or a fire. Your circuit breaker should be labeled and diagrammed somewhere in the service panel, most often inside the cover lid.
  • Bus Bars: Also known as the hot bus bars, are metallic strips that conduct electrical current and serve as one of the main connection centers for the circuits. They will typically be located behind the row of the individual circuit breakers.
  • The Neutral Bar: This is located to towards the outer edge of the box. It collects all the white wires and will be secured with screws. This is meant to recollect the electric current returning back to the box.

Electric Panel Repair

  • Malfunctioning Electrical Panel: Remember that an electrical panel is the root of your home’s electric system. As a result, issues in an electrical panel will affect the entire property. If a property is experiencing flickering lights, frequently blown circuits, or malfunctioning outlets, the electrical panel may need be inspected, especially if it is determined there are no wiring issues or issues with electrical appliances. A certified electrician will be able to inspect an electrical panel to determine if it needs to be repaired, replaced or updated electrical panel wiring is required.
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to trip and shut off power to parts of the circuit that are experiencing power surges. However, frequently tripped breakers may be a sign of issues within the property’s wiring or with the electrical panel itself. If you are experiencing frequently tripped circuit breakers, contact MM Electric so that our licensed electricians can determine the issue and find the appropriate repairs to make.

Electric Panel Installations

  • New/Replacement Electric Panel: There are some discounted brands of electric panels which have been discontinued because they pose major fire hazards, but are still found in many homes. These brands are Zinsco Electrical Panel, ITE Pushmatic and Federal Pacific Electric Electrical Panel (FPE). Installations of these brands occurred from the 1950s and the way to the early 1990s. If a home has one of these brands, the electrical panel must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Subpanel Install: A subpanel is a smaller version of an electrical panel. Subpanels are used to conveniently feed electricity into areas of the property that are far away from the main electrical panel. They are also installed when people make additions to their homes, such as extra rooms, garages, and guest homes. At MM Electric we offer top quality, professional electrical installations for your convenience.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

  • Fuse boxes Upgrade: While many people will sometimes refer to their electrical panel as a fuse box, an electrical panel with circuit breakers is a different type of system than a fuse box. A fuse box contains fuses instead of circuit breakers. A circuit breaker works as a switch that shuts off power when it detects an electrical overload. A fuse will also shut off power when it detects an overload, but instead of doing this via a switch, it does this through a wire or metallic filament. In the event of an overload, this wire or filament will melt and halt the flow of electrical current. Fuses need be replaced after they are tripped. Fuse boxes are an older technology and modern proprieties are built with circuit breakers. It is generally recommended to replace fuse boxes with electrical panels that use circuit breakers.
  • Power Increase Upgrade: Even if your home or business does not have a fuse box, or an obsolete electrical panel, there are still situations which call for an electrical panel upgrade. Some older homes will have electrical panels that are not suited to handle the electrical demands of modern homes. In these cases, the circuit breakers will routinely trip and power availability will be inconsistent throughout the property. In other words, there is simply not enough power being fed into the house to run modern appliances and devices like dishwashers, refrigerators, and computers. MM Electric LLC will determine the best way that your electrical panel can be upgraded to increase the power available to your home or business.

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The electrical panel is an important and foundational part of your electrical system. Without a fully operational electrical panel, your electrical system as a whole will experience issues. If you are having any issues with your electrical panel for your residential, commercial or industrial property and need a new electrical panel or subpanel installed, or if you are unsure of the status of your current electrical panel and need electrical services contact MM Electric at 732-749-3596 to schedule an appointment with a New Jersey licensed electrician today.