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Electrical Inspection

NJ Electrical Inspection Service
MM Electric LLC of Monmouth County is officially licensed electrical inspector in the state of New Jersey, making us able to do a wide range of electrical services, from installation to repairs and renovation. Being licensed also means we are able to do electrical inspections as well. We have done electrical inspections for both residential homes and commercial business throughout the central New Jersey area.

Businesses need regular electrical inspections done to make sure they are complying with all fire safety and electrical codes. Homes owners get electrical inspections done to make sure their families are safe, if they have just recently purchased (or considering purchasing) a home or if they are want to make sure they are complying with home owner’s insurance policies.

* Note that the only electrical inspections officially recognized by the state, are those done by fully licensed professionals.

What do electricians look at when they do an electrical inspection?
A licensed electrician will look at all aspects of your electrical system from the electrical panel to the wiring to the outlets and switches. They are not only looking for obvious problems, but they are also looking for things that could cause a problem later down the road. These problems are not always easy to spot by the untrained eye. An electrical inspector will also perform outlet testing, and examine the condition of your home’s wiring. Furthermore, an electrical inspection involves taking a look at how appliances, especially high powered appliances like laundry machines and dishwashers are plugged in. they will also look for practices that can cause fires, like installing too many things in a single outlet or having broken extension cords.

Why do electrical fires occur?
Electricity runs the modern world. It powers everything from computers, to hospitals, to hairdryers and more. But under the wrong circumstance is can be dangerous. Electrical fires occur because of faulty equipment, bad or broken wiring, improperly installed appliances, or power surges that are uncontrolled. Broken wiring, causes sparks that can light anything flammable near it, and power surges generate heat that also leads to fire.

It is for this reason that electrical inspections are so focused on fire prevention methods. Electrical fires are the most common cause of residential fires. So licensed electricians in New Jersey follow a strict set of guidelines in order to ensure the highest level of fire safety for homes and businesses. MM Electric is so committed to fire safety prevention, that they are officially recognized by the National Fire Protection Association

What are some examples of outdated electrical equipment?
Some older homes may have discounted brands of models of electrical panels. This includes electrical panels from the brands Zinsco Electrical Panel, ITE Pushmatic and Federal Pacific Electric Electrical Panel (FPE). These models were discontinued due to safety and reliability issues. Remember that one of the main jobs of your circuit panel is to regulate and shut off power in the event of power overloads. An obsolete electrical panel will mean that a home’s most important line of defense is not fully operational.

In some cases, a home may not even have a modern circuit breaker at all. In the past homes were built with fuse boxes. Fuse boxes use fuses instead of circuit breakers to regulate power and respond to electrical overload. So instead of circuit breaker switch that can be flipped on and off, it will have a fuse that will burn out and need to be replaced in the event of a power overload. Fuse boxes are not inherently dangerous, but they are not as reliable or easy to uses as circuit breakers. Also, because fuse boxes are no longer installed in modern homes, and have not been installed in quite a few decades by now, if you have one on your property chances are that it is old and not in the best condition. An electrical inspection will help determine what your course of action should be if you have a fuse box instead of a modern service panel with circuit breakers.

What safety features should be in my home?
Your licensed electrician will also look for specific devices that should be in place to keep your family safe, and warn you of any dangers. The first and foremost of these items are smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are required to be installed by law. It is easy to forget to check your smoke alarms and fire detectors to make sure they are fully operational. No doubt that any electrical inspection done by a licensed electrician in New Jersey will involve taking a look at all smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Another safety feature is called a GFCI outlet. GFCI outlets are installed in bathrooms and areas near water. They help prevent shock and electricity. AFCI outlets are also designed to prevent shock and power overloads. If you are unsure if these items are in place, or if you are not sure they are working properly, contact MM Electric for a professional electrical inspection.

What to schedule an electrical inspection?
MM Electric will be happy to help make sure your electrical system is safe and working properly with a professional electrical inspection. Whether a home or a business, residential or commercial give us a call at 732-749-3596 to speak to one our licensed electricians. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we look forward to speaking with you!