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NJ Chandelier Installation & Wiring Services
Wall township Chandelier Installation, Wiring, and Repair for the Monmouth & Ocean County NJ Area

Chandelier Installation NJA chandelier is a decorative lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling and is used to provide lighting to areas such as the foyer and stairway. At MM Electric, our trained and certified electrical contractors can install any type of chandelier. We also offer a variety of electrical services including the rewiring of existing fixtures.

Below you will find out more about the types of chandelier services we offer and styles of chandeliers we typically work with in New Jersey at MM Electric LLC.

Chandelier Repair
It is not uncommon for chandeliers to need electrical repair or maintenance after years of use. In fact, many of the older models of chandeliers were made without consideration for the amount of heat that is produced by the bulbs and this can cause problems with the fixture. Continuous exposure to high temperatures, resulting from overheated light bulbs, can lead to the deterioration of the internal wiring. These issues are compounded by the fact that there are many different wire paths within the chandelier that are susceptible to failure. Our repair technicians are well qualified to address chandelier issues caused by faulty wiring or excessive heat exposure.

Chandelier Wiring
Most chandeliers are powered by electrical wires that originate in a junction box in the ceiling. These wires then run through a vertical shaft that is at the center of the chandelier where they can then be connected to the bulbs. The electrical wiring from the new fixture are then connected to the power supply coming from the junction box using wire nuts. If the ceiling area where the chandelier is to be attached does not have a preexisting junction box, the wires will need to be run through the wall from the nearest power supply and connected to the new outlet.

Hanging a Chandelier
The significant weight of a chandelier means that the standard box used for hanging ceiling lights will not support the fixture. To counter this excessive weight, our technicians must implement a support system that is made to hold large fixtures. Similar to ceiling fan installation, the main support for the chandelier comes from a U-bolt and support flange that is connected to the junction box. It often takes two technicians to safely hang the fixture due to the excessive weight. Once the chandelier has been wired to the power supply and properly fixed to the ceiling, the canopy can be slid up the vertical shaft to cover the wires and support bracket.

Types of Chandeliers and Lighting We Work With
There are 4 main types of chandeliers and each has its own set of lighting characteristics.

  • Crystal Chandeliers

The crystal chandelier is known for bringing a dramatic and impressive look to the room. These chandeliers utilize clear droplets of crystal to reflect the rays of light. Typically, crystal chandeliers are installed in the foyer or above the dining room table where adequate amounts of light are needed.

  • Glass Chandeliers

Glass chandeliers come in an assortment of styles, both traditional and modern. This variety of styles allows homeowners the chance to choose a fixture that matches the surrounding décor. The classic style of glass chandelier will improve the look of any area of the house. Whereas crystal chandeliers are often deemed fancy, the glass style chandelier has designs that range from modest to elegant.

  • Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers are unique in that they add a rustic look to the room. These chandeliers go well in log homes or cabins. The candle chandelier bulbs come in an array of lighting options, such as those that flicker and provide a warm glow. In fact, the bulbs in candle chandeliers are so realistic that guest will have a hard time distinguishing them from the real thing. These candle like bulbs are held by any number of arms that extend out from the center of the fixture.

  • Shaded Chandeliers

As the name suggests, the shaded chandelier uses light covers to reduce the brightness that is put off by the fixture. This style of chandelier is most often used in bedrooms and bathrooms where less light is needed. One asset of the shaded style chandelier is its ability to be tailored to match the décor of the room in which it is installed. This opens up a number of options for homeowners that are looking to create a cohesive style within their home.

Best Practices for Chandeliers
Chandeliers can be installed in any room of a home, but there are certain conditions that owners should consider before the installation of a fixture. The factor that will have the most influence in determining the style of the NJ chandelier installation will be the amount of light that is needed. In areas where a high output of light is needed the crystal and glass chandelier styles will work best. The areas in the home where these chandeliers are most commonly installed are foyers, staircases, and dining rooms. By providing adequate amounts of light, crystal and glass chandeliers will significantly reduce the chance of house guests getting injured from a lack of light.

In areas of the home where there is not a necessity for bright light, then homeowners can choose from candle or shaded style chandeliers. Candle and shaded chandeliers are perfect for areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have a home with a rustic décor, such as a log cabin, then a candle chandelier may be the optimal choice for lighting. In most cases, it is possible to have one of our trained technicians install a dimmer switch so that the amount of light output can be controlled by the light switch. By using this technique, there is no limit on where the chandeliers can be installed.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of a chandelier or you need to have one repaired, do not hesitate to call licensed electricians at 732-749-3596.

We provide services to the Wall Township, Monmouth and Ocean County areas of New Jersey. We will be happy to address your needs, provide additional information, or set up an appointment to have one of our trained technicians help you with the chandelier installation process.