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Posted On 03/26/2021

What Causes Electrical Fires?

Keeping your electrical system up to date not only helps you keep down your electric bill but it also keeps your home and family safe. Damaged electrical wiring is one of the most common causes of house fires.


Posted On 03/05/2021

Do I Need Whole House Surge Protection?

The short answer: yes, if you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars in damage down the road.


Posted On 02/19/2021

NJ Electrical System Inspection

By having one of our licensed electricians come out and inspect your electrical system, not only are you keeping you and your home safe, but you’re potentially saving yourself thousands by identifying problems early on and updating your electrical system accordingly.


Posted On 01/13/2021

What Is The Difference Between Power Strips and Surge Protectors?

In short, one is designed to just be an extension of your electrical outlets if you have a couple extra devices that need charging or power to work, and one actively protects your appliances against power surges.


Posted On 12/30/2020

What Is A Multimeter?

A multimeter is the tool an electrician uses to test whether or not a circuit is faulty, along with a number of other functions such as measuring current and resistance.


Posted On 11/17/2020

Install A Dedicated Home Office Circuit

Whether it’s storing important files or communicating with your team, setting up a successful and efficient home office is essential to ensuring everything runs smoothly


Posted On 11/05/2020

Monmouth County Electrical Panel Maintenance

Your electrical panel is the brain of the electrical operations in your home, and contains various circuit breakers and other components that control the flow of electricity to appliances and lights all over your house.


Posted On 10/25/2020

When Should I Replace My Light Switch?

Light switches are probably one of the most used components in your house, yet you probably rarely think about them.


Posted On 08/05/2020

Monmouth County Home Generator Installation

With the extended power outages hitting New Jersey, many people are left wondering what to do next time they’re left without power for days at a time.


Posted On 07/26/2019

Preparing for Power Outages

Most of New Jersey has recently been affected by an unexpected storm on Tuesday, July 23rd.


Posted On 07/09/2019

Energy Efficient Lighting Ideas

There are many ways to save money on your electric bill, and most of them are easier than you think.


Posted On 06/17/2019

Garage Electrical Installation Safety

Installing electricity safely in your garage is a beast on its own, and without the right guidance and know-how, can be dangerous.


Posted On 05/31/2019

What is Pool Bonding?

Pool safety is more than installing a fence of the perimeter or making sure no one is running around the edges; a pools electrical system is a critical component to pool safety.


Posted On 04/24/2019

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to add aesthetics to your yard, but it comes with other benefits as well.


Posted On 03/18/2019

Daylight Saving Time change smoke and CO alarm batteries

We at MM Electric, LLC urge you to check your alarms twice a year when it is Daylight Savings Time.


Posted On 02/18/2019

5 Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Home design can certainly be enhanced by adding ceiling fans.


Posted On 01/23/2019

Why Get a Video Doorbell?

Home security is important, whether you own the home or are renting.


Posted On 01/04/2019

Are There Unsafe Electrical Panels Hiding in Your Home?

If your home is older(built before 1990), you might have an outdated main electric panels/boxes hiding in your home.


Posted On 09/27/2018

The Importance of a Working Smoke Detector

Even with the most careful households and families, despite our best efforts, fires do occur. The best way to alert the right people of fire is with smoke detectors.


Posted On 08/30/2018


In a heat wave, it seems like the air conditioning isn’t even working!


Posted On 08/01/2017

What You Should Know About Ceiling Fan & Chandeliers

No pun intended, but ceiling fans are really cool.


Posted On 07/27/2017

Why you should consider getting electrical inspection

Have you ever had an electrical inspection done for you New Jersey located home or business?


Posted On 07/19/2017

Keeping your smoke detectors working

When is the last time you changed the battery? If your answer the questions above is “I’m not sure” or “I can’t remember” you are not alone; many people often forget to keep up with their property’s fire alarms and smoke detectors.


Posted On 07/12/2017

Emergency Electrical Services

MM Electric offers 24 hour emergency electrical services. This means they can come out and help at any time; day or night!


Posted On 07/04/2017

What to do with an outlet that just doesn’t work?

A broken outlet is a common problem among households and businesses alike, and with so much of our modern life dependent on various gadgets and appliances, it’s a small issue that can cause a big headache!


Posted On 06/27/2017

Saving Money On Your Electrical Bill With Electrical Wiring Services in Wall Township, New Jersey

There’s no doubt that electrical wiring is one of the toughest home improvement jobs you can take on. Only complicating matters is the fact that most of your electrical circuitry is located within the walls of your property, so it is not always easy to access wiring.


Posted On 06/20/2017

Licensed Electricians Central New Jersey

Hiring an electrician doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are things you should know before hiring an electrician or electrical contractor in central New Jersey.


Posted On 06/16/2017

Landscape Lighting Installation services in Central New Jersey

The right lighting will add the overall feel and style of your property, but the wrong lighting can make an otherwise well designed place look unpleasing, or make an otherwise comfy space feel uncomfortable and unlivable.


Posted On 05/25/2017

What’s the difference between AFCI and GFCI?

If you have read anything about residential or commercial electrical repair and electrical circuitry, you will have seen the terms AFCI and GFCI outlets. They are important equipment to any property’s electrical system in terms of functionality, and are absolutely essential for safety.


Posted On 05/06/2017

Learn How MM Electric Can Solve Electrical Problems In Old and Renovated Homes

Older homes have a certain charm to them. They are often passed down...


Posted On 05/06/2017

Learn How MM Electric Can Solve Electrical Problems In Old and Renovated Homes

Older homes have a certain charm to them. They are often passed down from generation to generation and contain rooms filled with family memories and treasured moments.


Posted On 03/24/2017

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Posted On 03/01/2017

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Posted On 03/01/2017

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